Realigning the Yarra East Main Sewer, Bulleen

This year, we’ll be moving a vital piece of Melbourne’s sewer network, the Yarra East Main Sewer to prepare for major construction of North East Link in 2021.

CPB Contractors are leading these early works and we’re starting to speak to residents about how the relocation of the Yarra East Main Sewer will affect them.

The Yarra East Main Sewer (YEMS), originally built in the 1960s, runs below Bulleen Road and is a major sewer that services thousands of homes and businesses across Melbourne’s North East.

We know that no matter the final design of the North East Link, the sewer will need to be moved out of the way, before main works can begin.

The new section of the Yarra East Main Sewer will be moved east of Bulleen Road and connect back to the existing Yarra East Main Sewer at the Eastern Freeway.

What to expect during construction?

During construction, residents and businesses may notice increased construction activity along Bulleen Road near the works sites.

Site compounds will be set up around the works areas to securely store construction equipment and provide works crews safe access to the site.

Some local roads will be affected for the duration of the works. We will advise residents of planned changes closer to the time of construction.

Tree removal around the works area may be required.