Southern early works

Traffic on the Eastern Freeway

The southern section of the early works program includes works south of Lower Plenty Road, Bulleen Road and along the Eastern Freeway.

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Yarra East Main Sewer

We're moving a vital piece of Melbourne’s sewer network, the Yarra East Main Sewer (YEMS) to prepare for major construction of North East Link later this year.

CPB Contractors are leading these works and we’re speaking to residents about how the relocation of the YEMS will affect them.

The YEMS, originally built in the 1960s, runs below Bulleen Road and is a major sewer that services thousands of homes and businesses across Melbourne’s North East.

We know that no matter the final design of the North East Link, the sewer will need to be moved out of the way, before main works can begin.

The new section of the YEMS will be moved east of Bulleen Road and connect back to the existing YEMS at the Eastern Freeway.

Download the factsheet PDF, 1.7 MB to find out more.

What to expect during construction

During construction, residents and businesses may notice increased construction activity along Bulleen Road near the works sites.

A site compound is set up at the old drive-in site at Greenaway Street, Bulleen to securely store construction equipment and provide work crews safe access to the site. An offset car park has been constructed within the old drive-in site for business and community use.

Construction sites have also been set up at Trinity Grammar School’s Marles Playing Fields, the Boroondara Tennis Centre, the Freeway Golf Course, the Manningham Club & Hotel, Greenaway Street and at Avon Street to launch and retrieve mini Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs). Tunnelling the sewer below ground will reduce impacts and disruptions to the community at the surface.

Maintenance hole works for the ongoing maintenance and inspection of the new sewer lines, have started along the footpath of Bulleen Road between Ilma Court and Trinity Grammar School, as well as at the Veneto Club, Bulleen Park and Carey Grammar.

Changes to local roads

Some local roads will be impacted for the duration of the works. Avon Street will be closed at Bulleen Road from mid-February 2021 while the works are completed. Access to Avon Street will be via Austin Street. Traffic management and detours will be in place to direct road users and pedestrians around the area.

To keep traffic moving during construction some changes to Bullen Road are also required, including removal of median strips and line marking works. Two lanes of traffic are maintained each way along Bulleen Road.

Residents and community are notified of planned traffic management before construction starts.

Managing construction impacts

As with all construction projects, there are some impacts to the community. These may include increased noise, dust or vibration near works areas.

These impacts may be caused by use of heavy machinery, ongoing site activities or the removal and transport of excavated materials.

Some tree removal around the works areas may also be required.

Construction impacts are managed by the projects strict Environmental Performance Requirements (EPRs). EPRs are just one way we can manage these impacts, and through careful planning and consultation with the local community we can manage these impacts well.

Download the factsheet PDF, 66.1 KB for more information about how our contractors manage construction impacts.

This site compound supports the relocation of a section of the Yarra East Main Sewer (YEMS) under Bulleen Road. The site compound includes offices and amenities to prepare work crews for upcoming works in the area.

Worker parking has been established within the site to keep construction vehicles off local roads. An offset car park for community use has been built within the site.

Download the works notification to find out more about the Greenaway Street site compound.

Greenaway Street traffic signals

In 2020 new traffic signals were installed on the corner of Greenaway Street and Bulleen Road.

The new signals provide a safe right and turn movement in and out of Greenaway Street onto Bulleen Road. New pedestrian crossings across Greenaway Street and Bulleen Road create a safer environment for walkers too.

Download the works notification to find out more about the new traffic signals.

To build the new sewer, some works are needed within the Boroondara Tennis Centre. A Tunnel Boring Machine launch and retrieval site has been built near the car park. Replacement car parking is available and the tennis centre and all facilities are open right throughout the sewer works.

Download the fact sheet PDF, 1.6 MB to find out more.

As part of the sewer works, we’re constructing a work site on the existing first hole of the Freeway Golf Course, Bulleen. A Tunnel Boring Machine retrieval site has been constructed on the fairway of the existing first hole. Construction vehicles access the course from Bulleen Road near the green of the existing first hole, to reduce traffic impacts to course users.

The golf course remains open as an 18 hole course with some interim changes to the layout.

Please visit the Pro Shop for more information on the temporary course layout or download the fact sheet PDF, 2.1 MB.

To build the new Yarra East Main Sewer (YEMS), we're working in Bulleen Park to build a temporary work site. Works involve building three maintenance holes and a reticulation sewer to connect to the relocated YEMS. Sporting facilities remain open with some temporary changes to traffic and car parking.

Access to the sports complex is maintained during these works, with all matches, events and training to continue. Works are due to finish in late 2021.

Download the Bulleen Park fact sheet PDF, 748.1 KB to find out more.

Eastern Freeway

We’re moving two water mains under the Eastern Freeway between Estelle Street, Bulleen and Koonung Creek Reserve, Balwyn North to prepare for major construction of North East Link later this year.

Around 124 metres of new water pipes will be installed under the Eastern Freeway. To minimise disruptions for local residents and keep traffic moving, the pipes will be installed using a micro Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM).

Connections to existing water mains will be built at both ends of the freeway by digging a trench that can be filled and then covered once works are finished.

To support these works, a site compound has been established within Koonung Creek Reserve and a works area has been built next to the roadway on Estelle Street.

Works will take about nine months to complete.

Download the fact sheet PDF, 2.2 MB to find out more.

Download the fact sheet in Simplified Chinese PDF, 2.6 MB

Download the fact sheet in Greek PDF, 2.4 MB

What to expect during construction

To make sure people can move safely around work areas, we’ve planned some temporary changes to local roads, as well as walking and cycling paths and trails.

We’ve also looked at how we can minimise impacts on Koonung Creek Reserve while still providing access to and from work areas.

We expect there will be some noise at the above-ground work sites, and measures are in place to help manage this. Noise has been carefully modelled and is closely monitored to comply with the project's strict Environmental Performance Requirements.

Changes to Estelle Street

A section of Estelle Street on the east side of the Kenneth Street roundabout near Yarraleen Trail will need to be temporarily closed when we install connections to the existing water network under the road. These works are planned for mid-2021.

The rest of Estelle Street and all other local roads in the area will stay open and residents will be able to access their driveways at all times.

A temporary detour for pedestrians and cyclists using the Koonung Creek Trail is in place.

Access to the pedestrian and cycling bridge that runs over the Eastern Freeway and connects path users on Estelle Street to Koonung Creek Reserve, near Carron Street, will be maintained at all times.

Changes to Koonung Creek Reserve

A temporary access road has been built at the corner of Carron Street and Wilburton Parade and within the reserve.

The main shared user path remains open, with traffic management in place for pedestrian and cyclists to pass through this area safely.

As part of works in Koonung Creek Reserve, some vegetation has needed to be removed.

Strict Environmental Performance Requirements will ensure this is minimised as much as possible and replaced through new planting.

Construction traffic

Construction vehicles need to use local roads to access the works area within Koonung Creek Reserve. This is carefully managed to ensure trucks move safely through the area.

The Eastern Freeway will be upgraded as part of the North East Link Project and will feature additional lanes and Melbourne’s first dedicated busway.

To allow for widening works on Eastern Freeway, a number of water, power and telecommunications services need to be relocated.

Overhead power lines will be moved along the Eastern freeway between Elgar Road and Middleborough road and at Mountain View Road.

Builders will tunnel under the Eastern Freeway to connect new underground power lines to the Eram Road substation.

Tunnelling will also be used to move a large water main under the Eastern Freeway between Estelle Street and Koonung Creek Reserve.

Power and telecommunication lines will be moved at Chandler Highway and Burke Road.

Doing these works now will reduce service impacts to residents throughout major construction and ensure the safe delivery of the main works later in 2021.

Utility relocations along the Eastern Freeway are expected to start in mid-2021 and continue through to late-2021.

Bulleen Park & Ride is being built as a vital part of the dedicated busway along the Eastern Freeway that will make it easier for people to get to and from the city.

CPB Contractors have been appointed to build the new park and ride and construction is starting soon.

Works to prepare the site for construction has begun, with major works to build the facility beginning in late June/early July 2021.

Bulleen Park & Ride is expected to take around 18 months to build, and will be open and ready for people to use by late 2022.

Detailed construction planning is underway now, and we will continue to update local residents on what to expect, including how works and impacts will be managed.

Download the fact sheet PDF, 3.6 MB to find out more.