Northern early works

Traffic on Greensborough Road

The northern section of the early works program stretches from the intersection of Lower Plenty Road and Greensborough Road up to the Greensborough Bypass and M80 Ring Road.

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Greensborough Road works

From Tuesday 7 July, we'll start moving 2.5 kilometres of gas main pipe that runs under the eastern side of Greensborough Road.

To minimise traffic impacts on this busy arterial road works will be done overnight. While every effort will be made to manage impacts, it is anticipated that there will be periods of high-level noise in the area.

Stage one

Stage one will begin along Greensborough Road between Lower Plenty Road and Erskine Road from July 7 to September 2020.

It also includes bore drilling to connect the new gas main at Greensborough Road into the existing network on the southern side of Lower Plenty Road at River Gum Walk.

This will begin in mid-August and works will take approximately one month.

Stage two

Stage two will begin along Greensborough Road between Erskine Road to Watsonia Road from late October to late March 2021.

These works will happen overnight six nights a week between 7.30pm and 6am, with Saturday reserved for exceptional circumstances only.

Greensborough Road will be reduced to a single lane in both directions at night under the guidance of traffic management, with all lanes open to traffic during the day.

These gas main works will directly impact heavy vehicle passage along Greensborough Road. If you are a freight operator intending to transport an over dimensional load using Greensborough Highway between 7.30pm and 6am, please provide advance notice by sending an email to

Read more about what the works involve via our dedicated fact sheet.

Two transmission towers will move 80 metres from the Watsonia Station carpark to the power line easement located on the eastern side of Greensborough Road.

Moving the towers will make way for North East Link and an upgraded Watsonia Station carpark.

North East Link Project and CPB Contractors have been working closely with utility service provider, AusNet Services, to avoid interrupting the electricity supply while this phase of works takes place.

Relocation works are expected to take up to six months and are scheduled to begin in mid-2020.

A mobile telecommunications tower in the Watsonia Station carpark will be relocated.

The tower will move a short distance from its current location and remain in the Watsonia Station carpark near the railway trench.

Cable laying works will take place on Nell Street West, Ibbottson Street, Watsonia Road and through the Watsonia Station carpark.

The tower is part of the mobile phone network which services the local area.

Works are expected to begin in late-2020 and will take approximately six months to complete.

A new power substation near Blamey Road, Yallambie will be built to power the North East Link Project during construction.

The power substation will be located south of Blamey Road and east of Greensborough Road and will contain electrical infrastructure necessary to supply power to tunnel boring machines during construction and the operations of two twin tunnels when North East Link is completed.

The external perimeter design of the substation will have secure security fencing.

All electrical equipment within the new substation will comply with state and national electricity standards.

Works will begin in mid-2020 in collaboration the asset owner Jemena.

Borlase Reserve

For the past seven weeks, we’ve been hard at work building a site compound at Borlase Reserve, Yallambie.

Site offices and amenities were craned into position in an important milestone to prepare the site for upcoming works in the area. Nearby staff parking was also established as a priority to keep construction vehicles off local roads.

Located near the intersection of Greensborough Road and Drysdale Street, the compound will help builders with the massive task of moving nearly 100 overhead and underground utility services to make way for major construction of North East Link.

We’ve also been busy installing North East Link branded hoarding and temporary fencing around Borlase Reserve to ensure everyone’s safety while we work to deliver this vital project.

Works continue at the site with haul roads and materials and equipment storage being setup in time for utility relocations to begin in July 2020.

Several utilities will be shifted away from the path of North East Link to protect essential services to the local community during construction and beyond.

Relocation works in and around Borlase Reserve are a major component of the early works package and underpin the delivery of construction works from 2022.

The majority of relocation works in Borlase Reserve will progress from north to south in phases, with the exception of the sewer relocation works which will progress south to north. The relocation works include the following activities:

  • Relocating power and communication assets
  • Relocating water, gas and sewer assets
  • Temporary diversion of Banyule Creek

A key consideration for these relocation works is the proximity to residential properties and disruption to residents.

CPB Contractors will work with asset owners Jemena, Melbourne Water, Yarra Valley Water, APA Group and Optus to deliver these works and manage construction impacts as much as possible.

Early works in Borlase Reserve are scheduled to begin in Q2 of 2020.

A water Pressure Reducing Station (PRS) will be moved to ensure the continued safe supply of water throughout the North East Link Project and beyond.

The new PRS will replace the existing one at the corner of Borlase and Drysdale Streets and will be located on Coleen Street, adjacent to the Melbourne Water easement.

Pressure Reducing Stations are common around Melbourne and are essential to ensure the safe transport of water through the pipe network at the correct pressures.

The new PRS will include upgraded safety features, such as safer access and improved site layout.

When in operation, the PRS will comply with Environment Protection Authority Victoria required night-time noise limits of 39dBA which is the same noise level of a quiet room.

Works to build the new PRS, including installing new pipelines along the existing pipe track, are scheduled to begin in mid-2020.

For more information about the new PRS read the fact sheet.

M80 Ring Road

Several underground utilities will be realigned along the M80 Ring Road as part of the early works program. These works will be delivered by early works managing contractor CPB and Jemena.

Underground utilities will be relocated where they cross the roadway, including power lines north of Sellars Street.

Works are expected to commence in Q4 2020 and be completed by Q1 2021.

A mobile telecommunications tower located along the M80 Ring Road will be relocated a short distance from its current location as part of the early works program.

Relocating the tower will make way to build North East Link and avoid interruption to mobile services.

Works are expected to begin in late-2020 and will take around six months to complete.