Social media policy

North East Link will complete the missing link in Melbourne's freeway network by connecting the M80 Ring Road to an upgraded Eastern Freeway.

With planning studies and project design work currently underway, hearing from our community is more important than ever.

We'd like our community to help shape North East Link, so we encourage all social media users to connect with us via our FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube  and LinkedIn.pages. Whether it's posting on our Facebook wall or mentioning us on Twitter, we welcome our users to participate in the conversation and keep up to date with North East Link news and events.

At North East Link, we're proud to be part of a passionate community and we welcome all questions, commentary and constructive feedback on our social media. However, we do not tolerate the following:

  • Personal attacks or defamatory comments
  • Fraudulent, deceptive or misleading content
  • Aggressive, threatening or offensive content
  • Indecent language
  • Spam or unsolicited advertising

We're committed to providing our users with a safe and positive online environment and the management of our social media pages is fully at the discretion of North East Link.

For any enquiries please contact our 24/7 support team on 1800 105 105.