We’re delivering a massive sports boost

Published: 14 May 2020

Thousands of Victorians will benefit from a $68 million investment to help upgrade sporting facilities to keep local clubs playing strong while North East Link gets built.

Upgrades to 19 sports grounds and sports field lighting along with other investments including new sports pavilions, with female-friendly change rooms will be happening to support over 20,000 players in various sports in Melbourne’s northern and eastern suburbs.

We have been working closely with sports clubs, councils, schools and landowners for more than two years, to find the best places to deliver these upgrades with the most community benefit. These include Bulleen, Watsonia, Greensborough, Bellfield, Mont Albert North, Box Hill North and Burwood.

Eighteen sports clubs will move to upgraded grounds that are located reasonably close to their current facilities and meet their usage requirements and other sporting activity needs.

We will continue to support each individual club to ensure they are given ample time to settle into their new facilities and avoid project construction impacts at their current grounds.

To find out more about sports club upgrades and relocations click here to read more and view our interactive map.