Power tower move to spark travel benefits

Published: 9 March 2021

Two high voltage power transmission towers have come down to make way for North East Link, clearing the way for major improvements to the way people travel in Melbourne’s north east.

Works started in November 2020 on the massive job to move the transmission towers 80 metres from the Watsonia Station car park into Frensham Reserve power line easement across the road – allowing for major upgrades at the car park and Greensborough Road.

Moving the towers will open up opportunities to explore landscaping improvements and driving, walking and cycling infrastructure upgrades at the station precinct, through the project’s final design.

At 50 metres high, the towers will keep power running for thousands of local households and businesses in their new location as North East Link gets built.

Two new towers have been built in the power line easement, at Frensham Reserve, before the old towers were fully dismantled at the end of February.

Moving the transmission towers is part of a range of works happening around-the-clock to carefully move nearly 100 utilities out of the way of North East Link, Victoria’s biggest ever major road project.

The works program includes moving 34 kilometres of gas, water and sewer pipes and drains – the length of a return trip from Watsonia to Melbourne’s CBD.