Eastern Freeway upgrades to get you moving quicker and safer

Published: 2 March 2020

Travel speeds in peak hour are forecast to almost double along the Eastern Freeway as part of North East Link’s widespread upgrades to get cars and buses moving quicker, traffic modelling shows.

Peak hour speeds on the Eastern Freeway currently drop to about 45km/h – but with planned upgrades, lane widening and Victoria’s first dedicated bus lane, speeds will increase to 85km/h during peak and 100km/h off-peak.

Without upgrades to the Eastern Freeway, which will remain toll free, speeds will drop to less than 45km/h by 2036.

There will also be travel time savings of up to 11 minutes on the Eastern Freeway between Springvale Road and Hoddle Street, as part of the works package.

Upgrades also include express lanes between Burke and Middleborough roads which will see smoother and faster trips while the new entry ramps will make merging easier and safer.

Victoria’s first dedicated bus lane, carrying bus passengers across the state’s busiest routes, will cut travel time by 30 per cent from Doncaster to Hoddle Street.

An upgraded Doncaster Park and Ride and new Park and Ride in Bulleen will also ensure more people have access to the improved busway.

Drivers will also save up to 35 minutes between the eastern suburbs to Melbourne Airport.

There is also a seamless journey between the M80 Ring Road and the Eastern Freeway with motorists avoiding 18 sets of traffic lights following overhauls as part of North East Link.