North East Link sets another first with its toll structure

Published: 4 March 2020

In a Victorian first, a State-owned company will be set-up to collect tolls for the long-awaited North East Link with toll revenue going towards the cost of building and maintaining the missing link in Melbourne’s freeway network.

North East Link tolls will be collected by State Tolling Corporation (STC) which will be responsible for fixing and collecting toll revenues for the project.

The North East Link will be the first road in Victoria whose tolling rights are held by the State Government.

An overhauled Eastern freeway, with express lanes and a dedicated busway will remain toll free as will other key local roads like Greensborough Highway and the M80 Ring Road.

The north south section of the North East Link will be tolled.

The State-collected toll revenue will pay for long-term maintenance of North East Link including ensuring the safety and upkeep of the tunnels, road surface and roadside areas.

The North East Link tolling agreements, including prices, locations and any amendments, will be debated and tabled in parliament.

Toll points and toll prices are expected to be finalised once the preferred bidder for the North East Link’s primary package has been selected later this year.

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