New members for Community Liaison Groups

Published: 20 May 2020

Some new faces have joined with previous members of North East Link’s Community Liaison Groups to be the people’s voice on the state’s biggest road project.

Representatives from a range of backgrounds and community groups have been selected, including traders, local residents, sports clubs, schools, environmental advocates, disability representatives, businesses and council representatives.

The refreshed groups will represent the interests of the local community during construction of North East Link.

Two Community Liaison Groups (CLGs) have been formed to represent the north and the south of the project area with 17 community members.

The CLGs will meet online for the first time later this month, followed by regular meetings with an independent chair to discuss a variety of topics including ways to minimise project impacts during construction, urban design and sustainability initiatives.

People who know and love their local area are represented on the CLGs and will play an important role in providing key information to the North East Link team, and keeping the local community up to date, as the long-awaited project gets built.

Learn more about the groups here.