Getting ready to build the missing link

Published: 18 October 2019

Builders are getting ready to start early works for North East Link in 2020.

Once planning approvals are in place for the project, power, water, gas, sewer and telecommunication services will be moved out of the way.

The works will pave the way for major construction to start from early 2021 to help deliver Melbourne’s long-awaited North East Link.

CPB Contractors have been appointed to deliver the $200 million package of works and have already started planning work.

With around 100 services expected to be moved, they’re also planning how to minimise disruptions for residents, motorists and local businesses.

The early works program at this stage includes;

  • moving a telecommunications tower near the M80 Ring Road interchange
  • shifting two transmission towers near Watsonia Station
  • moving a range of above and below ground services near the new interchange at Lower Plenty Road, and
  • realigning a main sewer that runs under Bulleen Road

Finding services underground

Since late 2018, specialists have been working to confirm if the locations of power, gas, water and telecommunication services shown on dozens of different maps match what is buried underground.

So far, we’ve confirmed the exact locations of 147 services and found 29 new ones.

We'll continue to run these investigations to help us prepare for early works to kick off in early 2020.

We will begin door-knocking from Friday 18 October to advise local residents of any upcoming site investigate works in their area.

To view current site investigation works please click here