Geotechnical studies video


[Title: North-East Link - Improving North East Transport]

[Vision: Map showing North East Link missing link]

The North-East Link will complete the missing link in Melbourne's ring road by connecting the M80 Ring Road to the Eastern Freeway and East Link.

[Vision: Aerial view of road and traffic - street level view - aerial of intersection]

To know exactly how and where we'll build the new link, we're doing technical investigations and will soon be talking with locals about how best to build the project.

[Vision: Map showing geotechnical investigation locations]

We're starting geotechnical investigations at 24 sites across the broad project corridor in the north-east of Melbourne.

[Vision: Drilling site for geotechnical investigation - workmen]

We'll be drilling boreholes of around 10cm in diameter and up to a depth of 60 metres.

[Vision: Drill core sample being examined, measured and soil structure]

This will provide us with valuable information about the conditions under the surface, including the type and strength of rock under the ground and the location of the water table.

[Vision: Artist's impression of future tunnelling and tunnel with traffic]

This will help us to understand the depth and route a tunnel might eventually take.

[Vision: Staff checking locations - working on computer]

And is part of a broad range of studies that will be completed this year to help shape the project.

[Vision: Aerial view of round-a-bout - traffic at shopping centre - bus - traffic]

The North-East Link will finally connect the ring road and millions of people living in the north, east and south-east, catering for Melbourne's future growth.

[Vision: Community meeting people having a say]

Consultation will start this year with a chance for Victorians to have their say on this vital missing link before contracts are signed in 2019.

[Vision: North East Link Project - Sign up for project updates]

[Victoria State Government]

[Speaker: Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]