Community engagement report August-October 2017

Published: 17 November 2017

In August we shared four corridor options and asked if our early strategic planning for North East Link is looking at the right things. More than 3,000 people took the time to give us feedback.

What we heard...

We were impressed by how many of you chose to get involved this early in the project, and by the quality of your responses.

Overall, you gave us feedback around nine key themes. The themes you gave us the most feedback about were:

  • Getting the traffic solution right - this includes making sure we plan appropriately, identify the right complementary projects and don't create new problems
  • Minimising impacts on communities - communities across all four corridors told us about things that matter to them in their local area and issues they want considered in our planning for North East Link
  • Future proofing the solution - we heard you say North East Link is vital for Melbourne's future and you want us to think ahead, particularly to plan for population growth
  • Minimising impacts on the environment - we heard protecting the environment is important to you and that you want is to carefully possible impacts.

Read the full report here.