Detailed Design

The reference design for the project has helped inform impact assessments and planning approval decisions.

The reference design is one way North East Link could be built and operated - but there's still more work to do.

We've invited some of the biggest and best builders in Australia and from around the world to prepare competing detailed designs for the whole project.

The bidders must meet all the requirements set by the Environment Effects Statement (EES) process and planning approvals.

They’ll also be looking at opportunities for refinements and improvements to the reference design to get the best possible outcomes local communities. They bring decades of experience working on big, complex projects in Australia and around the world, as well as new thinking to their approach.

This work is happening now and the preferred design will be selected and released in 2021.

After the design is released, there will be opportunities for communities to comment on urban design and landscape plans.

We’ll also be talking to residents closest to the project to help inform the location, design and materials of structures close to homes like noise walls and bridges.