Watsonia Station and Shops

Download transcript: Watsonia-Alternate-Design-Video-Transcript.docx

There’s an alternate design for North East Link around Watsonia station and shops with better local connections for cars, buses, walkers and bike riders.

Community feedback has helped make major changes including:

  • A new green bridge from Elder Street to both sides of Greensborough Highway and the station car park
  • Upgrades to parking at Watsonia Station and a new multi-level car park
  • A new bus stop close to the station, making it quicker and easier to move between trains and buses
  • Better walking and bike paths and crossings

Elder Street green bridge

A new green bridge would connect Elder Street to both sides of Greensborough Road and the station carpark. The green bridge would provide two-way access for cars, buses, bikes and walkers and space for planting to extend the green look and feel of Elder Street and the power line easement.

The footpath along the power line easement would be moved to connect better with the new green bridge crossing.

Artist impression of green bridge over Elder Street

Watsonia station carpark upgrades

A new multi-level carpark would deliver a major upgrade and around 60 extra parking spaces.

A new ‘quick drop zone’ would also provide extra space for drop-offs and pick-ups.

Artist impression of Watsonia carpark alternate design

Better connections for local buses

A new bus stop on Watsonia Road close to the station entry would make it quicker and easier to move between trains and buses.

The new bus stop would replace the stop on Morwell Avenue and create a central transport hub linking the shops, the station, the upgraded parking lot and existing bike lockers.

Better walking and bike paths and crossings

New paths would improve access to the station for walkers and bike riders. Signalised crossings at Greensborough Road, Watsonia Road and Elder Street would make moving around on foot or bike safer and easier.

Artist impression of Watsonia alternate design aerial view

A new location for one set of transmission towers

As part of the project design for North East Link, we’re planning to move one set of transmission towers from the Watsonia Station carpark to the power line easement on the other side of Greensborough Road. Moving the towers will make space to build North East Link, an upgraded Greensborough Road and improve parking at Watsonia Station. Once in place, the new transmission towers would be about 80 metres away from their original location.