Bulleen Park & Ride

We’re building Melbourne’s first dedicated busway – starting with a new park and ride in Bulleen.

Design concepts for the premium transport hub to be located to the east of Thompsons Road have been released and include:

  • Multi-level parking for 370 cars
  • Dedicated quick drop off and pick up bays
  • A 5,000 square metre green roof for a community park
  • Bike storage, myki and other facilities.

Construction of the new Bulleen Park & Ride is being fast tracked by four years to open by late 2022.

The Urban Design and Landscape Plan (UDLP) for the Bulleen Park & Ride was on public exhibition from 2 November to 7 December.

Bulleen Park & Ride

A better location for Bulleen Park & Ride

We've listened to what people had to say through the Environment Effects Statement (EES) process, and have improved the design of the park and ride to improve access.

The reference design for North East Link placed Bulleen Park & Ride to the west of Thompsons Road.

Moving the park and ride to the east of Thompsons Road, means it can open four years earlier than planned.

Bulleen Park & Ride will be ready to use before Doncaster Park & Ride is closed for upgrades – removing the need for a temporary park and ride at Doncaster. This will reduce disruptions to passengers and creates opportunities to save more open space and keep more trees during construction.

Upgrading Doncaster Park & Ride and building a new one in Bulleen will double the number of car parking spaces for rapid bus services along the Eastern Freeway – making it easier for people in Melbourne’s east to travel to and from the city.

The new location also improves access from all directions, which was highlighted as an issue of the original site of the park and ride during the EES.

Take a look at Bulleen Park & Ride

Bulleen Park & Ride will be a premium station including:

  • Green roof with landscaped community park – a first for a Victorian public transport hub
  • Walking and cycling paths that connect to Koonung Creek Trail
  • Parking for up to 370 cars
  • Bike storage cage
  • Ramps, toilets and myki services.

To get Bulleen Park & Ride open four years earlier than planned, it will be built in two stages.

The first stage will be built by the end of 2022. In this stage, buses will enter and exit Bulleen Park & Ride from the new signalised intersection at Thompsons Road and will use a turning circle to drop off and pick up passengers from both platforms.

When the busway is complete in 2027, Bulleen Park & Ride will be fully integrated, and the turning circle will be replaced by the dedicated busway road.

Take a look at Bulleen Park & Ride using the interactive map below to explore features of the design before and after the dedicated busway is built, from various viewpoints.

Bulleen Park & Ride interactive map

Bulleen Park & Ride is being assessed through an Urban Design and Landscape Plan (UDLP). The UDLP was on public exhibition for 36 days, from Monday 2 November to Monday 7 December 2020.

The UDLP describes how the design for Bulleen Park & Ride meets North East Link’s approved Urban Design Strategy PDF, 27.2 MB as well as strict Environmental Performance Requirements (EPRs).

  • 2 November 2020 - public exhibition started
  • 7 December 2020 at 5pm - public exhibition closed
  • Early 2021 - final UDLP submitted to Minister for Planning for assessment
  • Mid 2021 - Minister for Planning decides whether to approve the UDLP, or if changes are needed
  • Mid-late 2021 - construction starts
  • Late 2022 - Bulleen Park & Ride opens for passengers