There are lots of opportunities for communities to get involved including by joining different groups, coming to workshops and information displays and talking to us online.

What’s happening in 2018-2019?

Community engagement will help inform the project design as well as studies for an Environment Effects Statement (EES).

Early to mid 2018

Our specialists will start studies for the EES by investigating existing conditions in the project area. Our engineers and planners will be working on early design ideas for North East Link.

Community engagement activities will include:

  • Community Liaison Groups
    We’ll form CLGs to represent local communities and work with us on local issues and opportunities in 2018 and 2019.
  • Community workshops
    We'll ask communities to help us understand more about living in and moving about the project area. Topics included Urban Design, Walking and Cycling, and Your Environment. We also heard from people online.
  • Design update #1
    We’ll provide an update on some of the design work so far. The designs won’t be final – we’ll still have a lot more work to do. You’ll be able to view maps and concept drawings and talk to our staff at information displays and online.
Mid to late 2018

Our specialists will continue planning studies by investigating the potential environmental effects of the project. Our engineers and planners will keep refining the project design.

Community engagement activities will include:

  • More community workshops
    As part of the Social Impact Assessment for the Environment Effects Statement we’ll have in-depth conversations with residents to seek feedback on how the project could affect them.
  • Design update #2
    We’ll provide an update on our planning studies and display a more refined project design, including how community feedback has helped shape the project so far. You’ll be able to view the design and give us further feedback at information displays and online.
Early 2019

The Environment Effects Statement (EES) will be on public display for 30 business days. The EES will include:

  • The proposed project design, including how we’ve considered community feedback
  • The potential improvements North East Link would deliver as well as any impacts and the environmental outcomes to be achieved to manage impacts.

Communities will be able to get involved in the EES process, including through making formal submissions to a panel established by the Minister for Planning.

We expect a decision regarding planning and approvals to be received towards the end of 2019.

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Download our 2018 - 2019 community engagement fact sheet:

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