Tree planting program

A man planting a tree

Image above: The first of at least 30,000 trees for North East Link have started being planted – well ahead of major construction starting in 2021.

The North East Link Project is delivering one of the largest tree planting programs for a major infrastructure project in Victoria.

Well before major construction begins, we’re already planting new trees at Simpson Barracks in Yallambie and Belle Vue Primary School in Balwyn North.

More than 200 native trees and 2,000 shrubs and plants at Belle Vue Primary School will grow a thicker, healthier understory for the school’s existing trees and support the school’s sustainability program.

Trees planted at Simpson Barracks in Yallambie will revitalise a traditional garden used for Remembrance Day commemorations.

Over the coming years, more than 30,000 trees will be planted along the North East Link Project and nearby to shade local areas, improve open spaces and enhance the look and feel of community places.

For every tree removed to build North East Link at least two will be planted, helping to grow a greener north and east.

We won’t just be counting the numbers of trees, but also what they do – making sure we create a greener north and east.

Over time, trees planted for North East Link will grow to provide more cover from tree canopy than has been removed.

Tree canopy is what you see when you look up. It’s crucial to help cool our neighbourhoods in summer, provide shade from the sun, create habitat for native animals and support cleaner air and waterways.

We’re working with local nurseries and social enterprises to plant the first trees for the North East Link Project and will be talking to the community about opportunities to get involved soon. To stay up to date on the latest project news, sign up to our e-newsletter.

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