Sustainability for the North East Link Project (NELP) means moving beyond just a 'business as usual' approach, to one in which we actively seek to maximise long term benefits for the environment, our communities and our economic prosperity.

Our people are committed to being leaders in sustainability and integrating sustainability principles into planning, design and project decision making. We want to ensure we leave a positive legacy for present and future generations.

NELP’s approach to sustainability is guided by the North East Link Sustainability Policy - click here to read.PDF, 119.2 KB

Sustainability objectives and targets

NELP has developed sustainability objectives and targets around six themes, informed by stakeholder feedback on the opportunities and risks most relevant to the project.

NELP, along with delivery partners, will seek to achieve and exceed the sustainability targets across the design, construction and operation of North East Link.

  1. Leadership – Using sustainability rating tools, knowledge sharing, innovation and public reporting.
  2. Resource efficiency - Promoting the use of recycled and new sustainable materials, materials with lower embodied carbon and reducing water use and waste.
  3. Urban ecosystems - Protecting and seeking opportunities to enhance biodiversity. Promoting ‘Green Infrastructure’ to connect the built and natural environments, for example through rain gardens, permeable pavements, wetlands, trees, green roofs and walls.
  4. Communities - Improving active transport links, public transport facilities, green spaces and recreation facilities and respecting and promoting Indigenous and historical cultural heritage.
  5. Economic opportunities – Using procurement to deliver social, economic and environmental benefits.
  6. Climate change – Best practice energy efficiency, a 50% renewable energy target for construction and a commitment to net zero emissions in the operation and maintenance of North East Link assets.  Designing for resilience to climate change risks.

To find out more about the North East Link sustainability objectives and targets - click here to open pdf.

Sustainability opportunities

Workshops have been held with stakeholders to identify potential sustainability opportunities:

Please check back here for reports to be made available soon (for each workshop).