North East Link Project (NELP) is committed to minimising acquisition of private property. However, because there isn’t an existing road reserve for North East Link, some private land will be needed.

We know it’s difficult for people who might be impacted by acquisition and we’re in regular contact with them. NELP has a team of experienced case managers that have been assigned to work with the property owners, residents and business owners whose properties would need to be acquired based on the current reference design.

If your property is required to build North East Link, our team would already have tried to contact you.

If you have questions or are concerned about your property, please contact us on 1800 105 105.

How does property acquisition work?

The formal acquisition process cannot start until the project has obtained the necessary planning approvals, currently expected in late 2019.

Because North East Link will include surface construction and tunnels, there will be two different types of acquisition:

  • Above ground: Properties where there is surface construction can be fully or partially acquired. This means all or parts of a property could be acquired.
  • Below ground: Properties that the tunnel passes underneath may require below ground acquisition, called underground strata acquisition. Based on the current reference design, the tunnel could pass under around 250 properties, but this number is subject to change based on the final design. Once the final project design is confirmed, we’ll be in touch with the affected property owners. Thousands of people live and work above road and rail tunnels in Australia, with people continuing to use their land.


Acquisition of private property will take place in accordance with the Land Acquisition and Compensation Act 1986 (LACA).

Affected property owners, residents, and businesses will be fairly compensated and given a reasonable period of time to vacate if their property is acquired. Compensation for privately owned properties is based on the market value of the property at the time of acquisition using a ‘no-project’ scenario. It recognises the value of improvements, renovations as well as how well the property has been maintained and any development potential

Every business is unique and compensation for businesses will be determined on an individual basis.

Support for businesses in the Bulleen industrial zone

The project team has been working closely with affected businesses since the project corridor was announced in November 2017.

This is a challenging time for business owners and we are actively engaging with them to understand their needs and provide support and assistance where possible. We are working with local councils to identify potential areas that may present opportunities for businesses to relocate.

A Bulleen Business Liaison Group has recently been set up to work with businesses on their specific issues and help provide  information through the planning and approvals process. A North East Link hub is open in the industrial estate at Kim Close to provide regular opportunities for businesses operators and workers in the area to discuss the project.

We are aware that many of the businesses want to retain staff and remain close to their customers. We will continue to liaise with them and local government to help assess viable relocation options and support business owners and staff get prepared for relocation.

Planning approvals

Acquisition of private property  is assessed in the project Environment Effects Statement (EES) in the social, business and land use planning impact assessments.

A summary of acquisition of private property under the current reference design is also available in the Project description chapter of the EES.

You can read more about the EES on our website.

Fact Sheet

For more information about property acquisition, read our fact sheet.