Doncaster Busway

The Doncaster Busway will be Melbourne’s first, dedicated high-speed busway – providing separated lanes for buses all the way from Doncaster Park and Ride towards the city.

Dedicated lanes for buses means passengers won’t be held up by weaving on and off the freeway and will get a true express ride on the Eastern Freeway.

Design work so far

So far we’ve been working on early design concepts to help us understand design challenges and opportunities.

The original concept for the busway was to use the space in the median of the Eastern Freeway from Bulleen Road towards the city. Further development has found that the best option is to run the busway on the northern edge of the freeway between Doncaster and Chandler Highway and on the outside edges between Chandler Highway towards the city.

.Running the busway on the outside edge of the freeway will:

  • Provide a direct connection to existing bus lanes on Hoddle Street and improve travel times
  • Allow for bus routes on Chandler Highway to connect to the busway
  • Make the busway more efficient and reliable overall.

To allow room for the busway on the outside edges of the Eastern Freeway without requiring further acquisition, traffic lanes would need to shuffle over into the median strip.

In April 2018 we released an update on the project design work so far. We held eight community sessions between Saturday 21 April - Tuesday 01 May, 2018. Online feedback was open until 5 June, 2018.

There will be a second design update later this year, including how community feedback has informed changes.

Project highlights map

Use our online map to explore

  • Early design ideas for how the new North East Link interchanges would work
  • Key upgrades to modernise the Eastern Freeway
  • The latest thinking on how to best connect Doncaster Busway to the existing bus network
  • Some of the key walking and cycling links that would be delivered as part of North East Link

Online map image

The design shown in this map is not final. It is a concept only and subject to change based on further technical investigations, planning studies, feedback from communities and stakeholders and the procurement process.