Doncaster Busway

Eastern Freeway Latest Designs - September 2018

Doncaster Busway will be Melbourne’s first, dedicated high-speed busway – providing separated lanes for buses all the way from an enhanced Doncaster Park and Ride towards the city.

Dedicated lanes for buses means passengers won’t be held up by weaving on and off the freeway and will get a true express ride on the Eastern Freeway.

Starting at Doncaster Park and Ride, the busway would:

  • Run in dedicated lanes on the northern side of the Eastern Freeway towards the city
  • Connect with a proposed new Park and Ride next to Bulleen Road to improve local access to fast, reliable bus services. Local services would also be able to get on and off the busway at Thompsons Road
  • At Chandler Highway, the busway would split and run on the outside edges of the Eastern Freeway to connect into the existing bus lanes on Hoddle Street