Our team of specialists is working with government, industry and community groups to understand how different corridors perform and to recommend a preferred option.

In working towards the best corridor, we've examined four possible routes to get a better understanding of what's possible.

All Potential Corridors (

Our work so far shows that each corridor has both pros and cons. It also shows that all options will include tunnels as well as new surface roads and bridges to connect to the existing road network.

You can learn more about each of the four corridor options in this section of our website.

How we're assessing the corridors

We've been assessing how well each corridor performs across a range of measures. Here are a few areas the community has told us are important.

Areas of interest

  • Reducing congestion in the north-east
  • Getting trucks off residential roads in the north-east
  • Connecting more people to jobs and education
  • Connecting businesses
  • Making freight move more efficiently
  • Improving public transport connections and travel times
  • Improving connections for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Ability to protect the environment, culture, heritage and open spaces
  • Ability to minimise impacts from construction-related traffic

Now we want to hear from you to get this project right

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