Current and upcoming works

Our technical teams are getting things ready to fast track construction once planning approvals are complete. You might have seen us out and about confirming the depth and location of underground services like water, gas, telecommunication and electrical services.

Doing this work now helps to reduce risk and helps save time and money later on. So far, specialists have surveyed around 150 locations.

We're committed to minimising disruption. Thanks to all the local residents near investigation sites for your patience and understanding while we’ve been getting these important works done. Below is a summary of key works.

What we are doing

Establishing ground water monitoring well bores (day works) as part of the planning process for North East Link.

Ground water monitoring well bores include:

  • Utilising drilling rigs and support trucks to install temporary groundwater monitoring wells

Current locations for disruptions

Starting 13 June

Ending 8 July 
Borlase Reserve

Ground water monitoring and testing at Borlase Reserve. Standard working hours are between 7am to 5pm.

For nearby residents

Geotechnical investigations and service proving works are arranged to cause minimal disruption to people nearby. Before work starts, we'll visit homes near investigation sites with information about where and when work will be happening.

Contact us

If you have any questions about any of these works or if you're looking for information about investigations near you please call 1800 105 105.