Site works

Geotechnical investigations and footpath reinstatement works are happening as part of the planning process for North East Link.

What we are doing

Geotechnical investigation involves:

  • Drilling holes 15 – 60 meters deep and 15 centimeters in diameter to gain a better understanding of the local soil and rock profiles and groundwater conditions
  • Standard working hours between 7am to 5:30pm (day time) and 8pm to 4:30am (night time)
  • Restoring sites upon completion of works

Footpath reinstatement involves:

  • Using machinery to cut concrete, remove the rubble.
  • Preparing the footpath pad to be level and ready to receive the new concrete pavement.
  • Removing the formwork and any pedestrian protective barriers.

Current locations for geotechnical investigations

  • Lees Court, Rosanna (day time) Wednesday 27 February - Monday 18 March
  • Yarra Valley Country Club (day time) Tuesday 12 March - Friday 22 March
  • Bulleen Swim Centre (day time) Tuesday 12 March - Monday 17 March

Upcoming footpath reinstatement locations

  • Manningham Road, Bulleen (night time) Sunday 17 - Wednesday 20 March
  • Bulleen Road, Bulleen (night time) Monday 18 March
  • Greensborough Road (night time)  Tuesday 19 - Wednesday 20 March, Sunday 24 March, Monday 25 - Tuesday 26 March
  • Lower Plenty Road (night time) Wednesday 20 March

For nearby residents

Geotechnical investigations and footpath reinstatement works are arranged to cause minimal disruption to people nearby. Before work starts, we'll visit homes near investigation sites with information about where and when work will be happening.

For information about investigations near you please call 1800 105 105.