What is an EES and reference project?

An Environment Effects Statement (EES) is Victoria’s most robust impact assessment process. It takes around a year to prepare, with extensive investigative works and planning studies informing the document. An EES is used to provide decision makers (such as the Minster for Planning and EPA Victoria) with information about whether the project should receive planning approval and if so, what conditions should apply.

The EES includes information on how the project could affect the environment during construction and operation and how adverse impacts would be managed.

The reference project assessed in the EES is not the final design for North East Link. It is one feasible way the project could be designed, constructed and operated.

Planning approvals, design work for the project and consultation with communities and stakeholders is still ongoing and components of the design could change.

Who wrote the EES?

The EES has been prepared by the North East Link Project on behalf of the Victorian State Government.

Technical studies have been prepared by subject-matter specialists. More than 150 specialists across the 18 study areas have been involved in preparing the reports.

The reports have been reviewed by a Technical Reference Group appointed by the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning.

What does the EES cover?

The EES is an impact assessment and describes potential impacts during construction and operation of the project. The EES includes 18 topics:

  • Business
  • Aboriginal Cultural Heritage
  • Air Quality
  • Arboriculture
  • Ecology
  • Greenhouse Gas
  • Ground Movement
  • Groundwater
  • Historic Heritage
  • Human Health
  • Land Contamination
  • Land Use Planning
  • Landscape and visual
  • Noise
  • Social and Community
  • Surface Water
  • Traffic and Transport
  • Vibration

How long will the EES be available for public view?

The EES is on display from 10 April - 30 May 2019.

People will have 40 business days, 10 extra business days than the standard exhibition period, to consider the detailed documents and prepare a submission for an independent Inquiry and Advisory Committee to consider.

Where can I find the EES online?

You can read the full EES on the North East Link website here.

Where can I see the hard copy EES?

The EES Main report, Technical Appendices, Map Book, and Summary Report together with the draft Planning Scheme Amendment and EPA works approval application will be available for public view at the following locations:

  • Collingwood Town Hall
  • Balwyn Library
  • Camberwell Library
  • Manningham Civic Centre
  • Eltham Library
  • Banyule City Council
  • Ivanhoe Council Library
  • Kew Library
  • Lalor Library
  • State Library of Victoria
  • Whitehorse Civic Centre
  • Rosanna Library
  • North East Link Community Hub
  • Whittlesea Library

Visit our EES locations page for a full list including partial EES locations (summary report and USB).

Where/when can I speak to the project team about the EES?

The North East Link project will be holding a number of community drop in sessions where you’ll be able to speak with specialists and ask questions about what’s in the technical reports.

  • Saturday 27 April – North East Link Community Hub, 17 Watsonia Road, Watsonia, 10am – 4pm
  • Tuesday 30 April – MCC Kew Sports Club, 397 Barkers Road, Kew, 4pm – 8pm
  • Thursday 2 May – Studio 1 Community Hub, 15 Barnet Way, Burnley, 3pm – 7pm
  • Saturday 4 May, Sunday 5 May – Manningham Hotel and Club, 1 Thompsons Road, Bulleen, 10am – 2pm each day
  • Tuesday 7 May – NewHope Baptist Church, 3 Springfield Road, Blackburn North, 4pm – 8pm
  • Saturday 11 May, North East Link Community Hub, 17 Watsonia Road, Watsonia, 10am-4pm

How do I make a submission?

Anyone can make a submission in writing on the EES, the draft Planning Scheme Amendment and the Works Approval Application to Planning Panels Victoria. Submissions can be made online.

Once submissions close, an independent Inquiry and Advisory Committee appointed by the Minister for Planning will review all submissions and the EES. A public hearing will also be held. People who make a submission can request to be heard at the hearing. This request must be made at the same time the submission is lodged.

Submissions close at 5pm on Friday 7 June 2019. Submissions made after this time will not be accepted.

When are the panel hearings?

An independent Inquiry and Advisory Committee will be appointed by the Minister for Planning shortly. The IAC will hold public hearings which are expected to commence in late July 2019 and run for a period of approximately 6 weeks.

The panel are expected to make their recommendations to the Minister for Planning in late 2019.

What is the Public Environment Report (PER)?

In addition to the EES process in Victoria, there are opportunities for you to have your views considered as part of Commonwealth approvals for North East Link. This is called the Public Environment Report.

Commonwealth approvals are being assessed by the Australian Government under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999 (EPBC Act).

When will the PER be on display?

A draft PER will be publicly exhibited from 10 April - 30 May 2019. People will be able to make submissions on the PER and NELP will need to respond to these.

The final PER, including a summary of submissions received and how the project has responded, will be made publicly available in late 2019.

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