Community workshops

Community Workshops

Download transcript: Walking-and-Cycling-Transcript-with-visions.docx Walking and Cycling Community Workshops

Throughout 2018 we'll host regular workshops to speak with communities about North East Link.

About Series #1 - February 2018

Our workshop series started in February 2018. We discussed planning strategy, opportunities and constraints and ask locals to help us better understand existing conditions in the project area.

Our content specialists got things started with short presentations. Community members then got involved in small group discussions and activities.

Conversation streams

  • Urban design
    We asked you to help us better understand how you travel around your local area, how you use community spaces like parks and shops and what you like about the look and feel of your neighbourhood.
  • Walking and cycling
    We asked you to help us plan a better network of walking and cycling tracks for all kinds of cyclists and walkers - commuters, recreational cyclists, families, dog walkers, power walkers, runners and more.
  • Your environment
    We asked you to let us know more about the environment you live in including traffic, noise, air quality, landscape, flora and fauna. What do you value, what concerns do you have and what can be improved.

The workshops were held in Bulleen on Tuesday 27 February at the Veneto Club and on Tuesday 6 March at the Manningham Club.

After the workshops, we continued the conversation online. We posted copies of the information our content specialists shared, a snapshot of the ideas generated by participants and answers to the questions they asked on the night.

We also asked people to let us know if their views were represented and add anything they thought we had missed.

Series #1 of our online workshops is now complete.

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