What people are saying

We've had lots of feedback from communities in the project area and from people interested in North East Link.

  • In May - July 2017 we asked people how they travel through the north-east, what they value about their neighbourhoods and their views on improving transport infrastructure. What we heard helped inform some of our early strategic planning work, including determining what North East Link needs to achieve. You can read a report here.
  • In August - October 2017 we shared four potential corridors with communities. We asked if our technical studies were looking at the right things, and for information that could help us better understand and balance different opportunities and challenges. What we heard helped us to continue to investigate how the potential corridors might perform. You can read a report here.
  • In November 2017 we announced the project corridor. We're now asking communities to help shape key areas of the project including urban design and walking and cycling connections. You can get involved here.
  • In April – May 2018 we released early design concepts for North East Link, held drop in displays and asked communities to provide feedback on the design concepts in person and online. You can read a report here.
  • In mid-late 2018, we refined the project design further and started formal planning and approvals. There will be more opportunities for communities to be involved.

Here's a snapshot of what we've heard so far:

Harry Huyskens, Meadow Hills, Melbourne Market

Download transcript: Harry-vox-pop-transcript.docx Harry’s Story: A Total Ring Road Makes Sense

Natasha, local resident

Download transcript: Natasha-vox-pop-transcript.docx Natasha's Story: Living on Rosanna Road

Jordon Risstrom, Operations Manager, Britex

Download transcript: Jordon-vox-pop-transcript.docx Jordon’s Story: Attracting more workers to local business

Karl McIntosh, Green Acres Australia, Melbourne Market

Download transcript: Karl-vox-pop-transcript.docx Karl's Story: From Clyde to Epping in 2 hours

John, Local Resident

Download transcript: John-vox-pop-transcript.docx John’s Story: Living on Rosanna Road

Carolyn, Local Resident

Download transcript: Carolyn-vox-pop-transcript.docx Carolyn’s Story: 40 minutes for a 7 minute drive

Ringwood Community Information Session

Ringwood Community Information Session

If you have a story you'd like to share, or something you'd like to say about what North East Link means to you, please contact us.