Community Technical Discussion Groups

North East Link Project (NELP) has formed two Community Technical Discussion Groups (CTDGs) for community members with a deeper interest and level of technical understanding to get more involved in the project. One group is focused on design and engineering, and one on walking and cycling.

These groups were established in May 2018 and aim to:

  • Allow opportunities for specialists to better understand design issues, ideas and innovation
  • Provide interested community members with access to project staff and information
  • Provide insight into issues for consideration in the EES
  • Provide insight for potential bidders
  • Help project teams to gain a better understanding of issues raised and answer questions.

Community members who had shown a strong interest in project design and walking and cycling in previous engagement sessions were invited to be part of the CTDGs. The first group meetings were used to decide on the topics to be explored at each meeting and develop an initial framework for the groups.

The two groups will continue to meet throughout the project in line with milestones for the project. If you’re interested in finding out more on these groups, email

CTDG Terms of Reference PDF, 171.4 KB