What is the North East Link?

The North East Link is a freeway standard road connection that will complete the missing link in Melbourne's metropolitan ring road. After almost 50 years of disconnected freeways, the North East Link will connect the M80 Ring Road to the Eastern Freeway or EastLink.

Where will it go?

In general we need to connect the Metropolitan Ring Road at Greensborough with either the Eastern Freeway at Bulleen Road or EastLink at either Ringwood or further afield. This is a highly complex project, and we need to do the necessary planning and technical work to find the best option.

When will it be built?

We expect the project to take around ten years to complete, but it's too early to determine the exact timing and that will be part of detailed business case development and planning during 2017. Planning approvals and procurement is expected to take place in 2018.

How much will it cost?

Infrastructure Victoria estimated cost of the project to be up to $10 billion, but this would be confirmed during the development of a business case.

How will it be funded?

That will be determined during the development of the business case, but the project will be tolled, and a significant government contribution would also be expected.

Will there be a chance for communities to have their say?

Yes, the community will have opportunities for input on preferred corridor options as well as final route alignments. An independent Planning Panel, including public submissions and a public hearing, may also form part of the necessary planning approvals process for the project.

Are there any employment opportunities?

The project will create thousands of jobs during construction and early operation. During project planning, you can keep up to date on latest career opportunities with the North East Link Authority at careers.vic.gov.au.

What is the geotechnical testing for?

The testing will provide valuable information about ground conditions across Melbourne's north-eastern suburbs. After the drilling is completed, the sites will be restored. It's important to note that these geotechnical tests are being undertaken throughout the north-eastern suburbs, and are not necessarily related to any potential route the project may take.