What we're working on

During this stage of the project, we're developing a business case which will recommend a preferred corridor for North East Link.

Our work so far includes:

  • Reassessing previous studies and looking at new ideas
  • Developing a high level indication of benefits and challenges
  • Completing technical studies to see what corridor options are possible
  • Testing how well the corridors do (or don't) perform based on our project objectives and principles

Here are some of the technical studies we've been working on:

Local community impacts

Local community impacts We are looking at overall demographics and trends from Census data.
We're also considering local and state government strategic plans and information from peak bodies.

Traffic surveys and modelling

Traffic surveys Traffic modelling helps us to understand how North East Link would change traffic conditions in the future.
Modelling uses hundreds of variables including population growth, fuel and parking costs and planned road and public transport upgrades.


Geotechnical We've gathered existing information from roads, parks and water authorities.
We've also completed our own investigations.
We know there are areas where geotechnical conditions present challenges for construction or tunnelling.


Economic Large transport projects can significantly boost economic growth and jobs.
Our work so far has focused on understanding how the existing network is constraining growth, and identifying the economic benefits North East Link can bring to the north-east and south-east.

Environment and cultural heritage

Environment Desktop and field studies help identify sensitive areas in each corridor.
We've also been meeting with local community groups to understand what's important to them.

Urban design and visual impacts

Urban design We are developing an urban design framework to guide how our planning should reflect local identity.
This will help the design of the project to fit into the local landscape.


Engineering The engineering team is working to understand the impacts from all the other studies
and to determine how the road alignment, grades, interchanges, tunnels and bridges will work to deliver North East Link.

We are also looking at what improvements will be needed to
existing roads, public transport routes, walking and cycling connections
to make North East Link work most effectively.