North East Link - Latest Designs September 2018

Download transcript: North-East-Link-Latest-Designs-September-2018-Video-Transcript.docx North East Link - Latest Designs September 2018

North East Link will finally connect Melbourne's freeway network between an upgraded Eastern Freeway from Springvale Road to the M80 Ring Road.

It will be a safe and efficient freeway connection for 100,000 vehicles a day, slashing travel times, getting trucks off local roads and linking key growth areas in the north and south-east.

The idea was first considered in 1929. North East Link is Victoria's next priority road project identified by Infrastructure Victoria and the single biggest road transport infrastructure investment in Victorian history.

North East Link will

  • Slash congestion and travel times
  • Support more than 10,000 Victorian jobs
  • Get trucks off local streets
  • Build Victoria's longest tunnel to protect the Yarra River and Banyule Flats
  • Clear bottlenecks on the Eastern Freeway