North East Link will finally connect Melbourne's freeway network between an upgraded Eastern Freeway from Springvale Road to the M80 Ring Road.

It will be a safe and efficient freeway connection for 100,000 vehicles a day, slashing travel times, getting trucks off local roads and linking key growth areas in the north and south-east.

The idea was first considered in 1929. Now the Victorian Government is committed to build the North East Link – Victoria's next priority road project identified by Infrastructure Victoria and the single biggest transport infrastructure investment in Victorian history.

North East Link will

  • Slash congestion and travel times
  • Support more than 10,000 Victorian jobs
  • Get trucks off local streets
  • Build Victoria's longest tunnel to protect the Yarra River and Banyule Flats
  • Clear bottlenecks on the Eastern Freeway

North East Link - Latest Designs September 2018

Download transcript: North-East-Link-Latest-Designs-September-2018-Video-Transcript.docx North East Link - Latest Designs September 2018